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Want to work for a start-up? Read this!

By the time you finish reading this, a new start-up will have been born. As a job seeker, it is important that you know what it takes to excel in the start-up world. So, here are a few things to keep in mind:

You have to be more than just a one trick pony

The most common request from our start-up clients is that they want someone who can work in a hybrid capacity. Additional skills are always a plus in most cases, but in this case they are a must. These companies tend to be smaller and benefit greatly from someone who can not only do their job within their skillset, but also pitch in on other projects when needed. For example, a UI Designer who also does UX moves to the front of the line.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

When you are given the opportunity to work for a company that is smaller, you also get the chance to speak up and perhaps see your thoughts & ideas go into action. Start-ups work as a collective and are often very collaborative in nature. Your ideas may be brilliant and could help the company propel forward at full speed. All you have to do is speak up!

Leave your ego at the door

In the start-up world, there may come a time when you need to vacuum the office, or take out the trash. Although not ideal, this is a commonality across most start-ups and everyone usually pitches in on the housekeeping. Another commonality is that you may be asked to do things outside of your job scope/skillset. For example, a VP or Marketing may be asked to post on social media, or maybe a Creative Director may be asked to put together a web banner or do some production work. People who succeed at start-ups have a positive disposition and are not driven by ego.

Change is guaranteed

Start-ups tend to go through growing pains. Remember, they are still in their learning stage, so change is going to happen. Their ideal candidates have thick skin and are able to easily adapt in quickly changing/growing environments.

Risk factor

Yes, there is a risk factor that comes along with working at a start-up, but keep in mind that you are always taking a gamble when you agree to work for any company (big or small), so don’t let that deter you from making the jump into a very rewarding category.

Skin in the game

Most start-ups give you the opportunity to make a dent in their success and growth. If you are someone who likes to see your work make an impact, this is for you! Remember, you get to actually see your work come to life. Fewer cooks in the kitchen is always a good thing!