We often talk to candidates who live in New York who are interested in moving to San Francisco or Los Angeles or vice versa. Maybe it’s to move back home, for love or family or simply because the job market is bigger in NY or CA. The job markets differ quite significantly and you might find a bigger pool of opportunities if you widen your geographic search for a new position. Here are a few tips on how to increase the odds of finding your job i.e. SF, NYC and LA.


If you are working with a staffing agency or recruiter, make sure to let them know that you are open to relocation. Create a profile on their website and mark any locations that you are open to. That way you will increase your odds of being contacted for open positions in those markets.


Most hiring managers and recruiters today use LinkedIn and other social tools to find candidates. Make sure to mark your profiles as open to the locations that you’re interested in. You can even go as far as updating your current location to the position that you’re interested in moving to. I.e if you live in San Francisco / Bay Area but you are planning on moving to Los Angeles or New York, you can update your current location to New York to make you easily searchable for New York recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for new talent.


Of course you should be applying to jobs in the city that you wish to move to, but when you do so, make sure you add some context to the recruiter or hiring manager to make sure your resume isn’t overlooked. Make sure to mention if you already have plans to move or if you are actively trying to move to i.e. New York. Knowing that, a hiring manager is more likely to consider you for their hiring.

If you are in the phase of planning where to move, it is also worth doing some more research on the locations that you have in mind. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco / Bay Area all have slightly different job markets and it can mean a big difference for job seekers in different markets. I.e. if you are in sales and marketing and want to work in the start-up world and get in early and be part of the first-hire team, then San Francisco / Bay Area is definitely the market to be. But if you’re in more traditional markets such as media, beauty, or B2B and looking for a stable position with established Fortune 500 companies, then New York City might offer a bigger job market. And of course Los Angeles is the place for all entertainment jobs and is also an exciting market for start-up agencies. Reach out to a staffing / recruitment agency such as 80Twenty today to get some advice on how to find a job that will take you to the right city for you!