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The digital economy has indeed changed the world, including how companies recruit people for their work force. This phenomena has applied across the board, and especially for employers who rely on trained technology sales people to generate cash flow. It has long been known that sales make the world go around, and it is a fact that this principle still applies in the information age. This means that companies wanting to increase financial inputs must realize that hiring sales people is most effectively accomplished by contacting the most talented people they can find from an impressive list of candidates who are looking for sales positions. And, this is also a human resources issue that requires time and money that may be better spent by utilizing sales headhunters like the professionals at 80Twenty.


Data Analysis

One of the major changes in how sales has been impacted in the digital age is the massive amount of data that can be accessed and decoded in determining solid sales leads. Understanding how this process works is an essential skill of all technology sales people. Analytic determinations can easily result in more sales contacts than traditional sales methods, commonly yielding more sales because the potential customer has been identified more effectively and in greater numbers


Continual Contact and Online Presence

Social platforms have also changed the method in which technology sales people connect with potential sales leads because it can allow the company a constant low-pressure informal online presence. All sales professionals understand that conversations matter because most sales are not made on an initial contact unless the potential customer is doing research on the product line. Tech-savvy sales professionals are experienced in how to utilize social platforms in addition to using an official company website, providing real-time responses while also allowing the potential customer to view who else has purchased the product. Personal recommendation is still one of the strongest methods of sales recruiting, and social media offers an excellent opportunity for static testimony and referrals from current or former customers.

Of course, making the right hire for a sales team is still a challenging process for any company that relies heavily on digital marketing. Just as with locating other types of business professionals, having an in-between manpower connection service like our recruiters at 80Twenty can be a very cost-effective decision for any business manager in need of additional experienced sales staff or sales management professionals for their team.