Date Published: 2 April 2024

Our client is a mission driven DAO with a vision to connect the worlds' best and brightest minds in an autonomous platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. They aim to break geographical barriers and drive humanity forward through groundbreaking technology for digitalization, AI, Longevity Medicine, Space Tech, Robotics, and Green Energy. This is a brand new start-up and they are now searching for an accomplished, driven and passionate CEO to help build this from the ground up. This is backed by notable and accomplished investors and key stakeholders. 


  • Develop long-term strategic planning, operational policies, and incentive mechanisms for the DAO, optimizing internal governance.
  • Effectively establish relationships with technology founders and tech investors.
  • Attract top global technology talents and future tech-savvy entrepreneurs to join the DAO and the Future Tech Family Association.
  • Coordinate internal and external resources to drive the industrialization of technology projects funded by the DAO.


  • STEM degree required
  • Experience with blockchain/crypto/web3
  • Prior work experience in STEM related fields strongly preferred
  • Relationships within community of technology founders and tech investors
  • Strong familiarity with the concept of DAO and the ability to establish an ecosystem within an incubator.
  • Prior experience in technology incubators, high-tech company investments, global consulting firms responsible for technology consulting, and large-scale global technology investment funds is preferred.
  • Eexecutive-level experience, with a top-level product manager possessing cross-domain product thinking and operational capabilities, as well as cross-sector investment experience.
  • Familiarity with DAO governance, operational models, and incentive mechanisms is preferred.
  • Excellent English skills
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit
  •  Exceptional communication and leadership skills

Comp: $300K – 400K, flex, depending on experience