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For many, the holidays are for relaxing, taking trips, and feasting on all the food you can lay your eyes on. Because of all the holiday fiascos, many might think that the job market takes a break, but it doesn’t! For many businesses, when business is slower during the holidays, it can also mean that those companies now have to focus on their hiring needs. With many job seekers overlooking holiday season, this means there’s also less competition.

1. Clean up your Social Media profiles

It’s holiday time and while your friends may have countless photos getting tipsy on eggnog or partying it up at SantaCon, you’re still on the market for a new job. Believe or not, recruiters and hiring manager snoop on your social networks sometimes. Of course, it all depends what job you’re going for. The tech community is much more lenient than the financial or government sectors when it comes to social presence.

2. Turn holiday parties into networking opportunities

You’ll never know who might show up at a holiday party. You might run into someone who’s looking for a new employee or someone who knows someone who knows someone else who might be hiring.

3. Manage your schedule

Don’t let the holiday events throw you off track. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the many things you’re expected to attend, pull out your calendar and fill it up with everything you have planned. After that, choose days that you’re going to dedicate to working on your job search (sending out resumes, setting up calls with recruiters, etc.). This will help make the holidays much less overwhelming

4. Take advantage of fewer applicants

Many people take a break on the job search during the holiday season. Because of this, there tends to be less competition for applicants. Take advantage of this. Like I stated earlier because the holidays tend to be a slower time for many employers, there is also more time to focus on hiring. This is also a great time to jump ahead of everyone waiting until the new year to look for a new opportunity.

5. Turn your holiday card into a business opportunity

Make your friends happy without missing out on potential opportunities. Go ahead and enclose your business card in your holiday card. It may be unconventional, but it may also be your golden ticket to your next dream job.

6. Take this time to clean up your resume and portfolio

Take advantage of having a few days off this holiday season by cleaning up your resume and portfolio. Have a recruiter or career counselor look over it for good measure. For those creative out there without an online portfolio, take advantage of the holiday sales and buy a domain. For creatives, portfolios can weigh more than your resume.

As the holidays are approaching quickly, keep your foot on the pedal. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the slower times. Stay ahead of the pack your you may even have a new job before the new year.