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80Twenty – An Elite Talent Agency in New York City

80Twenty is a standout talent agency in New York City, meticulously specialized in marketing, sales, and creative roles. We are equipped to attract talent on a national scale, offering onsite, remote, and hybrid recruitment solutions. Our recruitment specialists, seasoned in marketing, creative arts, design, sales, and executive scouting, bring a wealth of industry expertise. This diverse arsenal empowers us to resonate with our clients’ unique needs, curating personalized solutions and pinpointing exemplary candidates for their distinctive roles. Our emblematic dedication to swift, quality-centric recruitment is what sets us apart from other recruitment agencies.

How Does 80Twenty Stand Out as a Talent Agency in New York City?

Our distinction lies in our authenticity. At 80Twenty, we hold a firm conviction, to truly identify the best, you need talent scouts who’ve lived the disciplines they recruit for. Our team thrives on their hands-on industry experiences, particularly within the realms of marketing, sales, design, and creative roles. The ethos of our name is sculpted from the Pareto Principle, suggesting 80% of impactful outcomes arise from just 20% of invested resources. We’re steadfast in our mission to connect our clientele with this game-changing 20% of talent, ensuring monumental success and maximized efficiency.

Our talent acquisition strategy pivots on headhunting, focusing on those brilliant minds not necessarily in the active job-seeking realm. We know the problems with poor recruiting firsthand, and that drives our commitment to top-quality service. For those seeking a talent agency in New York City that embodies a genuine grasp of industry nuances, champions quality, and pledges unwavering commitment to client success, 80Twenty awaits your partnership.


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