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Experience unparalleled recruitment expertise with 80Twenty, a premier recruitment agency in Los Angeles.

We Forge Elite and Unified Teams

In Los Angeles’ diverse and active job market, the expertise of a seasoned recruitment agency becomes essential. Our agency is familiar with the unique and changing needs of the city’s industries, including marketing, sales, creative projects, and executive leadership, providing tailored and innovative recruitment solutions. 

At 80Twenty, we specialize in identifying the right candidates for a variety of roles, helping Los Angeles businesses build strong, cohesive teams in an efficient manner.

Matching Top Talent

Our strategy at 80Twenty differs from standard recruitment practices. In the competitive Los Angeles environment, we recognize the essential task of finding the right talent that matches a company’s unique culture, ethos, and objectives.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from finding potential candidates, including those not actively seeking new positions, to handling the intricacies of interviews and onboarding.

Our understanding of the Los Angeles job market and our broad network in accessing a wide talent pool enable us as crucial allies for businesses aiming to secure the human capital essential for their prosperity and expansion.

Your Recruitment Agency in Los Angeles

At 80Twenty, we do more than just locate candidates. We are committed to creating enduring partnerships that lead to successful placements. As a recruitment agency in Los Angeles, we deliver a full spectrum of services that encompasses locating potential candidates—those not necessarily in the job market—and managing the detailed processes of interviewing and onboarding. Contact us today! 


One of our Account Managers will give you a call to learn more about your recruitment needs and answer any questions you might have about 80Twenty.

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