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3 ways to optimize your LInkedIn profile and have your ideal employers come to you for marketing, creative, sales roles!

Even though the economy is humming and we’re nearly at full employment, job searching is still a daunting, and time-consuming process. In addition to being proactive by networking and actively applying to all relevant roles you can find online, it’s worth taking some time to optimize your LinkedIn profile and taking some steps to increase the chances of letting the right types of roles.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Set yourself to “open to new opportunities” from the preferences tab (see LinkedIn blog here).

A little background here might be helpful here. Many recruiting agencies, ourselves included, pay for LinkedIn’s Recruiter software, which essentially allows them to reach out to their vast network of candidates by searching by title, keywords, and other criteria. Along with this paid service that agencies pay for, they are allotted a certain number of Inmails per month, and hence are cautious about how they utilize them. By flipping this switch you’re making yourself free to message, and reducing the likelihood that you’ll be passed over in the name of saving an Inmail!

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Make sure you have relevant titles and the right keywords in your profile to align with the types of roles you’re targeting.

Obviously don’t be disingenuous, but if you’re ideal title is “Marketing Manager” or “Product Designer” and you’ve done what a Marketing Manager or Product Designer does in the past but have just had some wonky titles, you’ll increase your chances of being found by ensuring alignment the titles on your profile align with industry standards. The same logic goes for keywords. If a recruiter is looking for a Business Development Director with a B2B SaaS background, for example, they’ll likely do a title search with “B2B,” “SaaS,” or “software” as keywords. Some good ways to splice your profile with those keywords are by making sure you have a robust Summary, giving a detailed description of each role you’ve had, and filling out your Skills and Expertise. If you’re not sure what keywords you should be including, try searching for people who work at your target company and taking note of the keywords they’ve included in their profiles.

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Remove any outdated experiences that aren’t relevant to the roles you’re after.

This can clutter your page and take attention away from the experiences that matter.


It is the specific long phrases that end users use to search for the things on the search engines. These keywords (or sentences) are very niche and very specific. In the case of 80Twenty some good example of the long tail keywords can be: “hiring a campaigns manager from a staffing agency in san Francisco” or “product design specialty staffing agencies in New York City” “best marketing staffing agency in San Francisco”, “highest rated sales staffing agency in Los Angeles”, “marketing and sales headhunters”, or “marketing executive search recruiters”.


It is marketing strategy of companies utilizing cookies to keep track of its visitors and then targeting them back and delivering custom advertisements of what visitors have previously searches on the web. If you have looked up to hire a marketing talent or a business development manager via recruitment agency on the web and later on if you are seeing an ad from 80Twenty (the highest rated marketing, sales, and creative sales agency) you can bet that you are seeing this due to retargeting efforts from 80Twenty’s marketing team.


Marketing Automation is an overall marketing strategy plan of a company that works together and that delivers custom messages to its end users to drive engagement and conversion. If you are a marketing professional, Web / UX / Product designer, or a B2B sales professional, and browsing 80Twenty’s website to look for opportunities and apply for a few for instance, you would first be getting a customized welcome email from 80Twenty. Few days later, if there is a fit, you would also be getting a message from our marketing, sales, and creative specialty recruiters, a customized job openings email asking you on your availability.