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As a premier hiring agency in San Jose, 80Twenty delivers talents across a variety of sectors. We want to provide hiring solutions meticulously aligned with your specific needs, to ensure that each recruitment effort enhances your team’s performance and cohesion.

Building High-Performing Teams in San Jose

The diverse job market of San Jose requires the insight of an experienced hiring agency. Our experienced team deeply understands the dynamic needs of the region’s industries, from tech start-ups to established sectors such as marketing, sales, and executive leadership. At 80Twenty, we specialize in devising customized and forward-thinking hiring strategies that focus on identifying the right candidates for a range of roles, helping companies in building robust, integrated teams.

Your Trusted Hiring Agency in San Jose

80Twenty stands out by moving away from conventional hiring practices. We excel at matching the right talent with companies’ unique cultures, values, and objectives. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from scouting potential candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities, to managing all aspects of interviews and onboarding.

Our deep knowledge of the San Jose job market, combined with our extensive candidate network, positions us as crucial partners for local businesses aiming to thrive. We connect top talent to where it’s needed most, ensuring that each placement is both strategic and effective.

We Redefine Industry Standards

Founded in 2012 from a desire to improve the hiring landscape, 80Twenty was born out of our frustration with traditional recruitment practices. We set out to redefine the industry standard by ensuring our recruiters not only understand the roles they are filling but also work closely with our clients to find the best candidates. Our approach focuses particularly on engaging passive candidates and seamlessly handling every step from the initial interview to successful onboarding. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is absolute.

As a leading hiring agency in San Jose, we invite you to experience the 80Twenty difference. Whether you’re looking to fill a critical role or build a new department, we’re here to support your growth with top-tier talent. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you achieve your recruitment goals.


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