How long is my yard chatter for?

Your yard chatter is a daily rental.

When is payment due?

Payment at time of your reservation to secure install date/time. NO DEPOSITS. PAYMENT IN FULL at time of booking.

When will my yard chatter be installed?

Install times are mornings before 1030 am or evenings after 5pm( additional fees apply). Install times can be adjusted provided adjustments are able to be accommodated and available.

What happens if anything is lost or damaged?

Understand you are responsible for any install lost/damage items you book/gift. Please advise your recipient if gifted, of noted policies where safety, damages and lost items are concerned. If recipient does not want install and requests removal. Please contact us. They should NOT REMOVE ANY ITEMS. A removal is NON- REFUNADABLE. Any items missing/damaged from install will incure a $10 fee per missing/damaged item. $30 deposit is then forfeited and additional fees will apply. After ALL CLEAR notification to you from Yardagans you have 24 hours to respond , or deposit is forfeited.

Is there anything I should not do?

DO NOT move or remove items after install. DO NOT attach anything such as balloons, string, streamers, tape etc. DO NOT allow anyone to include children/ pets to play around, touch or near yard chatter. Yard-a-Gans and its representatives will not be responsible or liable for any injuries/damages to persons,pets or property as result to your negligence. DO NOT throw items away or vandalize. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. Please take care and value our inventory.

What should I do to my lawn prior to the install?

Please insure your lawn crew cuts lawn prior to your install and not while chatter is in yard. It will also aid in a smooth install if your lawn is watered prior too. Please remove any pet/animal dropping from possible areas needed to complete install.

Can I help you install my yard chatter?

In light of Covid-19, as much as we appreciate the offer to assist. We respectfully ask that you allow us to complete all installs and removals ourselves . Please stay inside and send us a waive from the window. We love those!!!

What is the cancellation or refund policy?

Cancellations will be offered an opportunity to reschedule. (Rescheduling is based upon availability) NO REFUNDS on any rush order,personalized or custom install cancellations. NO REFUNDS if Yard-a-Gans is restricted from gated communities, wrong address provided, homeowner requests removal, animals preventing access or any unsafe circumstance preventing us access or ability to install yard chatter. In the event of inclement weather, Yard-a-Gans may not be able to install. Inclement weather means hard grounds (lack of water), thundering /lightning,thunderstorms,high winds,heavy rain to include hurricanes/tornadoes, ice/snow. Credits or reshedule . If weather prevents a pick up, we will contact you in regards to an alternate pick up.

Anything else I should know?

As a part of a rental with us, you agree to allow yard advertisement on behalf of Yard-A-Gans. Please advise us of any HOA restrictions prior to install.