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The job market is constantly changing. With new technology debuting every day, marketers have new tools and challenges that they must face. As recruiters, we are able to see the changes from traditional marketing to more digitally focused marketers. Digital advertising has been in a constant state of change ever since the first smartphone was released.

The Mobile Age:

According to an article on Forbes, more than $70 billion will be spent on mobile advertising alone this year. That’s an astounding 21,775% growth from 10 years ago, when yearly mobile advertising spending was just about $370 million a year. This is due to the influx of using tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In-app purchases composes a huge proportion of revenue as well. According to AdColony, “43% of gaming apps' revenue comes from in-app purchases, versus 31% from video ads.” Being a marketer with plenty of experience in mobile advertising can give you a big boost in today’s economy.

Social Media Influencers:

With mobile being so relevant today, it comes to no surprise that marketers are being asked to be fluent in newer trends such as the proper use of emoji’s, GIF’s, and influencer marketing. The biggest buzz term floating around today is “Influencer Marketing.” Influencers carry with them a lot of power in the world of marketing. According to a study done by Linqia in 2017, 94% of marketers who used the power influencer marketing in 2016, found it to be effective for their brands.

GIF’s and Emoji’s:

Of course, influencer marketing ties together social media marketing very smoothly. Millennials and Generation Z are some of the first to experience social media on such an advanced stage. Because of that, we now have a variety of content available at all times, projected from the screen of our phones. This has helped influence content such as GIF’s, stronger and shorter video content, and even helped us realize the powerful use of emoji’s. Apple has taken the next step in social media and released animoji’s. According to a survey backed by GIF platform, Tenor and conducted by Harris Poll, 36% of millennials said that GIFs and stickers better communicate their thoughts and feelings more than words do.

Video Marketing:

Even though GIF’s and emoji’s can be powerful, the influence of video marketing is still relevant and powerful enough to lead the pack in marketing. These days, it’s expected to have a grasp in some sort of video marketing, especially if you’re a social media marketer. According to Wyzowl’s fourth annual State of Video Marketing Survey, 81% of businesses today use video content for marketing purposes. That’s an 18% jump from 2017. Surprisingly, you’d expect a tool like Snapchat to be very effective when it comes to video marketing, but according to the survey, LinkedIn was rated the most successful, even though only 38% of marketers are using LinkedIn.

The Future is Now:

We’re in a state where the sky is the limit for marketers. Companies are experimenting with the various tools available and Millennials and Gen Z are the ones with the power to define what is “cool” and what is “so last year.” Because of this, marketers are now expected to be knowledgeable in everything from influencer marketing to video marketing to sometimes even graphic design. As the digital age constantly changes, the best advice is to never stop learning and picking up new skills.

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