Black Lives Matter

80Twenty stands with Black Lives Matter and oppressed communities nationwide in support of the national outcry over the killing of George Floyd. We are committed to listening and doing our part to support racial equality throughout America.

Over the last several weeks, we have discussed how we can better serve and support our community. As a result, we are committing to strengthen our support for this cause and 80Twenty will be launching several new initiatives over the course of the summer.Our first initiative is to help by doing what we excel at – finding people who can make a lasting impact at an organization, and we will provide this service free of charge.

So today we are launching 80Twenty’s Pro-Bono Search Program. This is aimed at lending a helping hand to black-owned businesses and organizations that are working for racial equality and justice. As part of 80Twenty’s Pro-Bono Search Program, we will be taking on one free search per week, and in June and July, we are offering this service exclusively to black-owned businesses and organizations who are working toward racial equality and justice.

If your company or organization fits this criteria, or if you know anybody that does, please take a minute to register/nominate for 80Twenty’s Pro-Bono Search Program.We believe there is no greater asset in an organization than its people. We believe that what makes us different is what makes us better and stronger as a collective.

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